"Eat it!" - The fruit and vegetable calendar


Eat it when it should be eaten!


A beautiful birthday calendar, but mainly, a fruit and vegetables calendar that guides you through the year for good seasonal eating habits, thus a local and sustainable diet. 

I believe too many people of every generations forgot that tomatoes do not grow in February. That is why I developed this calendar to raise attention, encourage and help others to respect nature and its seasons.

This calendar presents the natural harvest time of fruits and vegetables in Western Europe. 

It can of course vary a bit if you are at the top of the Alps, between canals in the Netherlands, on the Mediterranean beaches or north of the English channel. A natural harvest includes what any person would be able to grow in their garden or in a greenhouse without artificial light or heating.

In English, Dutch and French (all together).

Eat local, healthy and sustainable!

A3, CO2 neutral printed on cradle to cradle, 300gr, off-white, Munken paper (297x420)

And because it is a birthday calendar, it stays usable forever, no need to buy one every year!

Metal black springs and hanger.